YoCard by Desco

YoCard helps you create powerful digital business cards so that you can make lasting first impressions with new people. No sign up is required and you can import your contact information to set up a YoCard in 3 seconds. The other person does not need even need the YoCard app for you to share information! Once you have your new YoCard, add it to your Apple Wallet for super fast access. Show it to new people you’ve met so they can use their iPhone camera to scan your YoCard directly into their phonebook. When you and your contacts have YoCard, you will always have the most up to date contact information. If your contact changes phone number or adds a new social media network, you will be notified in the app and their information will be updated! FEATURES • Create or import your personalised YoCard and add it to Apple Wallet • Get notified when your contact changes details or joins a new social media network • Collect and browse your contact’s YoCards to view their contact information and social networks WHY CHOOSE YOCARD • Save your precious time by not having to manually add contact information • Save money because YoCards are Free and you will never have to carry stashes of business cards again • Save our environment by stopping the printing wasteful business cards because 64% are thrown away within a day • Share more than just your name and number so you can grow and fully leverage your network PRIVACY We do not share your data with anyone advertisers or third parties. YoCard Ltd is registered with Companies House in the UK, our company number is 11319075.